New Home Construction

GC Construction & Remodeling provides services from designing to completion of new homes from the ground up. We have a trustworthy relationship with a number of licensed subcontractors to complete each task as needed. With our coordination and organization, we will ensure the construction of your new home to be a success.

Complete Remodels

To save our customers money, we offer complete home remodels. From the inside to the outside we can make your home look new on a budget. Customers are amazed by how much of a difference a few repairs and paint can do.


Whether a family member needs a handicap accessible room or if the family has enlarged, a simple extension off of a existing home can make life much easier. For example, in the past we have made taking care of an elderly spouse much easier for a husband by making an extension off their master bedroom. We made more space to move around a wheel chair and bed lift. We also made an easier entrance and exit with a built in ramp in the bedroom instead of maneuvering through the house and down steps. This is one of our successful ideas we planned to make life easier for clients.

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels

Are you tired of your outdated nonfunctional kitchen or bathroom? Would you like to update your kitchen or bathroom? We have the resources to provide you products that will bring your kitchen or bathroom back to life. A kitchen is considered a gathering place for families and its not so comfortable with disorganization and clutter. We can provide you with not just cabinets but organizers for your dishes and more. Same goes for your bathroom. We have products that will eliminate your cleaning times by hours.

Much more

Even though your project is not listed please inquire and let us know what your project is. We accommodate to all request made whether its through us or a referral to a professional who can help you. We hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the near future.



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