Please enjoy some before, during, and after photos of some of our latest work below.

New Home Construction

This project had a large lot that took a lot of planning to accommodate each area. The lot itself is over an acre and the house has over 7,000 square feet of living space. It has a custom kitchen, bathrooms and built with affordable building products.


Home Remodel

With a tight budget, we made this home from the outdated  house on the block to the most updated modern welcoming house in the neighbor hood. We managed to budget custom cabinetry from "Kyrie Cabinets” throughout the house to make the house look more traditional. This is a good example of how a few repairs and paint can make a big difference.


New Garage

Out with the old in with the new. There was quite a bit of damaged areas on this garage that was virtually falling apart. With a building permit in hand, we knocked it down and rebuilt it with much stronger material. We also changed the termite damaged windows throughout the house.


Handicap Bathroom

This customer was one of our most challenging designs but one of our favorite customers. Their master bathroom was very small and needed to be converted into a wheelchair accessible bathroom to take care of her tall husband. First thing that came to mind was an open layout. By simply knocking down and rebuilding a few walls, she will now be able to wheel her husband to all areas in the bathroom with ease. With also adding mildew resistant materials, she also minimized the amount of cleaning time.


Cabinet Refacing

One of the most cost efficient ways of saving money, is to reuse your existing cabinet boxes & replacing your cabinet doors. We can refurbish your cabinet boxes if they are in good condition to look new and make new doors to whatever size and style you want. This gives the customer an opportunity to give there cabinets a new look within a small budget.



A lot of customers think that because certain parts of their home is difficult to get to, a project in that area will be impossible. This particular customer wanted to do her master closet that had a round staircase going up to the second floor. With 8’ High cabinets it was impossible to get her cabinets up there on that staircase. With Kyrie Cabinets we fabricated everything, delivered it into her closet in pieces and put the cabinets together in the closet. The end product gave her so much storage.

Bathroom with a Laundry Area

Storage and an updated look was most important to this customer. To utilize most of their square footage available we removed an existing closet and installed tall pantry cabinets with deep drawers and hanging rods to organize their stored items. They also chose mildew resistant materials with a modern clean pattern to brighten up their area.